About: Hotel Massage

You'll find Merkas Health Massage in Melbourne's most gorgeous Hotels, places like:

The Sofitel where you can be massaged 50 stories in the sky!
Or at the Como where all the stars hang out.

Be massaged in the old world charm of the Grand Hotel,
Or be bask in the chic elegance of the Cullen Hotel.

Our practitioners specialise in tailoring massages to suit you... we'll find the right spots, work through your knots and provide a depth and pressure that will make you melt!

Click through to choose a massage package that suits you.

About: Couples Massage Class

More fun than you could imagine. These classes a very cool, we teach you how to massage your partner so your hands last longer than five minutes and your thumbs dont hurt!

The couples massage class is perfect for gift ideas including brithdays, anniversaries, valentines day or just a fun thing to do with your partner!

The course is presented by Denis Merkas using techniques he teaches his own practitioners. This course is fun, light hearted and perfect for any relationship

There is more to this program than just the massage class - you want to check the MAKE YOUR PARTNER MELT site out for more details - you'll be impressed!